The paintings below show the progression of electricity and water supply in Sg. Lima through the life of a typical “seven stars fishery” household:


Carbide lamp era

When fishermen first arrived at Sg. Lima, they used carbide lamps.


Kerosene lamp (oil lamp) era

When kerosene lamp came into existence, fishermen brought kerosene lamps on their fishing trips.


Improved kerosene lamp (oil lamp) era

The improved kerosene lamps were bigger and brighter. Dried shrimp sorting can be done in the evenings.


Battery-powered lightbulb & rain water tank era

Batteries were introduced to the villagers and they were able to power up lightbulbs for their lighting needs. Rain water tanks also came into existence. Villagers slowly shifted from using seawater to rainwater for their household needs.



Battery-powered fluorescent light & tap water supply era

Fluorescent lights were introduced to Sg. Lima. Lightings at night had become brighter. Undersea water pipes were installed and finally there was water supply from the mainland to the island.


Electricity from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) era

Finally, undersea power cables were installed and villagers of Sg. Lima received electricity supply from TNB. With electricity, they can use refrigerator, fan, and lights, all at the same time.