Dried Shrimp Processing:

There are seven steps in the dried shrimp processing in Sungai Lima:

Step 1 Catch

Collect catch from nets every 6 hours during spring tid

Step 2 Cook

Cook the shrimps on the “mother” boat right after each catch to ensure the freshness and to lock in all the flavour and sweetness of the shrimps meat

Step 3 Dry

Dry the cooked shrimps on top of the “mother” boat or send them back to the village and dry them on the drying platform in front of the house

Step 4 Shelling

Remove shells from the meat using a shelling machine. Traditionally, this was done manually by inserting the dried shrimps into a sack bag and beating the bag on the wooden floor until the shells were separated from the meat.

Step 5 Machine Sort

Sorting the dried shrimps according to sizes using a sorting machine. This process also sorts out impurities. Before the machine was invented, they sorted the shrimps manually as in the next steps.

Step 6 Manual Sort 1

This step requires a lot of skills. They put the dried shrimps on a wide plate (made of either aluminium or bamboo) and shake the plate in a certain way. With the shaking action of the plate, smaller pieces will move away from the worker and the bigger shrimps closer to the worker. The smaller pieces (or impurities) will then be removed.

Step 7 Manual Sort 2

This is the last step of the process where they have to manually check and sort the shrimps according to size and types and remove impurities.


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